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Would YOU like to stop smoking?

When’s the right time to stop smoking?

There isn’t a "right time" to stop smoking. Or rather, any time you make the decision you really want to stop smoking will be the right time for you, providing you get the help you need to make what is actually a major change in your life.

Don’t “give up” – GET FREE of the habit instead.

If you think you’re “giving up” you are much more likely to feel deprived and therefore have problems. So decide instead that you’ve had enough of it and are ready to be free, instead of feeling a slave to an old habit.

It may not be a simple change.

Long-term smoking can affect almost every aspect of your life. To change such a habit, we often need help. As a previous smoker herself, Susan understands very well how many different factors need taking into account to stop smoking. She will explain things fully, in simple terms, so that as a prospective non-smoker you really understand what’s involved and how best to work with your own natural reactions. This can make it much easier to stop smoking, more comfortable and much more effective and therefore enable you to make the change completely, once and for all.

What do I do first?

Make the decision that you really do want to stop smoking, for your own benefit. Hypnotherapy is marvellous but it’s a co-operative process so you need to want the end result for yourself.

If you would like more information before making your decision to stop smoking, contact Susan on 07486 393 047

Is the force of habit too strong?

Maybe you’ve been going about things the wrong way. Once we’ve really learnt to do something, whether it’s riding a bike or being a smoker, it can be very difficult to “unlearn” it. This is because the subconscious mind, which is the part that runs habits automatically, is much stronger than the conscious, thinking mind. As an experienced hypnotherapist, Susan Gale is well used to working directly with the subconscious mind and helping it to make the necessary changes.

Avoid the pitfalls.

There’s no need to get grumpy, suffer withdrawal symptoms, put on weight or struggle alone in order to stop smoking. Your own subconscious mind can really help by making the change so much easier for you. Susan will explain all this and much more, including how to avoid sabotage – by yourself or by others. As a previous smoker herself, Susan is best equipped to help you make the change easily and comfortably. She will also give you a recorded reinforcement therapy to use at home to help you be, and stay, free of the smoking habit.

One session may be all you need.

The first stop smoking session is a long one, (about an hour and a half) to give you the best possible chance of clearing the problem immediately. Most people do stop smoking after just this one session but sometimes people need a bit more help or hit snags later.

Nowadays, there is always a reason if people have difficulties. A second session will usually clear the problem but further help is available if you need it.

As a lot of her work in this area is with people who have failed before, Susan’s experience, together with her radically different approach, can help you to stop smoking much more easily than you might have thought possible.