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Self-confidence and self-assurance

Why is it that some people always seem to have much more self-confidence than you? Why are you held back by problems when others just forge ahead? It may be a result of past difficulties. It may even stem from your upbringing.

Many people were taught as children to obey and respect others and to do as they were told. But they were never taught how to be self-assured and function as a self-reliant adult. In such cases, a short course of hypnotherapy may be all that's needed to set you up for life.

Many people suffer unnecessarily from the idea that they can't do as well as others or that they must put up with how they are. This is not true. If your lack of confidence is causing you problems or interfering with your enjoyment of life, we can help you make changes for the better.

What about your self-image? To be told "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" doesn't help if there is something about yourself that you find offensive.

Many physical effects are generated by our way of thinking. You may have noticed with other people that their appearance can change dramatically depending on whether they are feeling happy or depressed.

There may be sound psychological reasons why you have an unhelpful self-image. More people than you think are unhappy about themselves and lacking self-confidence. It may be as a result of very complex problems or of something apparently trivial. Together we can do something about it, whatever the original cause. We are not just talking about changing how you see yourself. Changing your feelings about yourself can significantly change your shape, posture and appearance to others.

Everyone has the right to be happy. We can help you resolve any psychological or emotional problems that stop you making the most of your life by gaining more self-confidence.