Susan Gale Hypnotherapy
Beltain Consultancy

’Life is for Living‘


It should be easy to relax but sometimes things get in the way. And “trying” to relax often just makes it worse. And then you can get more stressed and uptight, which makes it even harder. And so it goes on, leading to more difficulties. But there is an easy way to break out of that trap.

Because hypnotherapy works directly with the subconscious, it can be the quickest way to learn to switch off and let yourself relax easily.

The essence of hypnotherapy is a relaxed mind and a relaxed body so simply using the technique itself can make a big difference.

And if there are any underlying problems that get in the way, we can clear those too so you can stay ok. Enjoying life is so much easier when you can unwind and recharge your batteries. We’re designed to be happy and healthy and dealing with most things in a calm, relaxed way. If something is making that difficult, hypnotherapy can help.