Susan Gale Hypnotherapy
Beltain Consultancy

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Charges for Hypnotherapy treatment



The first session is a long one, about 1½ hours or so. Susan will explain many different ways in which you can help yourself make the transition more easily and will also give you a recorded reinforcement therapy to use at home. The cost is £90 and this first session is generally all most people need nowadays. If you were to need a bit more help, further sessions would be about an hour and cost £50.



For anything other than just smoking, most people do need more help. The first session is a long one, about 1½ hours or more so we can discuss your particular needs and get the therapy underway.  The cost is £90 and would normally also include a recorded reinforcement therapy.

Subsequent sessions are about an hour and cost £50.

How many or few sessions anyone needs will obviously depend on many different factors. But the more strongly motivated you are to change and the more actively you can co-operate in the change process, then the sooner you'll clear your problems.