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Panic Attacks

Anxiety reactions can take many forms. Sometimes the reactions can be more frightening than the worry that caused the reaction: panic attacks can cause more panic, especially the first time or two when you may not know what’s happening. Many people are terrified by the intensity of the physical symptoms of a panic attack and it can be difficult to understand that the cause is anxiety related and not an extreme physical illness.

The mind very much controls the body, especially the subconscious mind. Where there is anxiety, emotional problems or stress overloads, the mind can develop physical reactions such as a panic attack as a sign of underlying problems. It’s like an alarm bell that rings to draw attention to a problem that would otherwise be ignored – or that has been ignored for far too long.

In this country, all too often people are taught to ignore how they feel until things are so very bad that they can’t be ignored any longer and a panic attack results.

The "stiff upper lip" has a lot to answer for. If feelings are usually held in, if hurts are internalised and not expressed, if a sense of unease is ignored, sooner or later the subconscious has to shout louder and louder to be heard, often resulting in severe physical symptoms such as a panic attack.

Obviously it’s best to take action against a panic attack or other anxiety reactions as early as possible, but even where symptoms have taken hold, hypnotherapy can still help. The very fact that the help is being directed to where it’s needed (the subconscious mind) means recovery can be much quicker and longer lasting than with other approaches. The alarms have been ringing for a reason. Dealing with underlying causes at the same time as helping to clear the symptoms of panic attacks and other anxiety reactions makes the remedies much more effective.