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’Life is for Living‘


Sometimes we know only too well why we’re feeling low but depression can at other times come on us totally without warning, for no reason that we can discover.

Of course there will be a reason somewhere within us for the depression but it is often on a subconscious level. We can feel fine on the surface but the subconscious can be struggling. Many people have been suffering from depression for years, taking stronger and stronger drugs but still feeling bad. Whatever triggers the depression, hypnotherapy can help.

The subconscious is usually very happy to co-operate in clearing a negative reaction pattern as everything is so much more difficult if you feel depressed. Apart from the obvious symptoms of feeling bad in yourself, depression can also lead to low energy levels, a lack of motivation, sluggish digestion and blood-flow and many other problems that are often thought of as purely physical.

Like stress, anxiety and so many other difficulties, depression can affect every aspect of your self and therefore of your life.

Although it is sometimes necessary to consider past events and other causes in relation to depression, the most important thing is generally to give the subconscious a different way of looking at things and better ways of dealing with situations. This is much easier with hypnotherapy. Because we’re working directly (and co-operatively) with the subconscious mind, remedies for depression can be applied where they are really needed, making treatment much more effective. This makes it much easier and quicker for you to change for the better and enjoy life much more in the future.