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’Life is for Living‘


Many people don’t realise how significant a role a person’s state of mind and feelings can play in asthma. Sufferers are only too well aware of how asthma attacks can be brought on or made much worse if they feel unhappy, upset or overstressed.

The subconscious mind particularly has a major effect, not just with reaction patterns but also on the physical symptoms of asthma. To have a lasting effect, remedies need to take into account all aspects of the person, not just the physical.

With hypnotherapy we can get to the heart of the matter and enable the subconscious (which has so much more control than people generally realise) to make changes for the better on all levels of mind, body and spirit. Many people have been helped to gain significant relief from asthma or even clear the problem once and for all, after years of suffering despite trying to suppress the symptoms with drugs.