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About Susan Gale of the Beltain Consultancy

About Susan Gale of the Beltain Consultancy

Susan Gale, M.I.N.T., S.Q.H.P., G.H.R., hypnotherapist at the Beltain Consultancy, is a very experienced therapist and a member of the Institute of Natural Therapy. She also holds the Senior Qualification in Hypnotherapy Practice and is registered with the General Hypnotherapy Register.

Susan qualified as a hypnotherapist in 1989 and her years spent in analysing problems and finding practical solutions make her a very effective therapist and one well able to communicate complicated ideas in simple terms.

A firm believer in considering the whole person – the holistic approach – she well understands how even the smallest problem can cause great distress and stop you living life to the full.

Susan sees confidentiality as essential and therefore keeps her own Appointment book and records and without your written permission would neither confirm nor deny even working with you.  All client records are held on paper only, nothing is computerised. And nothing is shared with doctors or anyone else without written permission.  If you contact her, she is the only one who uses your email address or other contact information (but be aware that FB etc have their own data security policies of course).  Susan generally does keep records indefinitely because sometimes people come back for a booster, or a different problem, years later. Having the old records means there's no need to start from scratch again but if you'd like her to safely destroy your old records, she's happy to do that of course.

She currently sees clients on Thursdays and most Saturday mornings at Aquae Sulis Centre, 5 Damers Road, Dorchester, DT1 2JX .Visit Aquae Sulis website.


Why Beltain?

“Beltain” was a Celtic fire festival which celebrated a time of fresh starts and new beginnings – a theme which is very much in harmony with our work.

The Beltain Consultancy in Dorchester is dedicated to the highest standards of therapy to help you make your own fresh start.

For more information, or to discuss your own problem, in strict confidence and without obligation, contact us now.